I told myself I wouldn’t cry today and I barely made it to the subway.

The subway isn’t taking me anywhere

Today you’re stuck here on the train with the doors locked shut
But please stay for the ride there are mothers here tending to their children and pleading with them to finish their snacks
there are women clutching their purses to their chest
Holding on too.
The students are on break this week, I hope still sleeping in
I hope they don’t know yet
there’s an age where you can sleep in and an age where sleep is lost
Yesterday we lost.
The woman beside me speaks in her Somali tongue on the phone with someone I imagine to be her sister and I know what she’s speaking of even though I cannot speak it myself “I don’t know if my son will go to the mosque today”
men half asleep on this subway too.
I’m not processing today – I’m stuck here glitching with the doors locked shut.
The announcement over the speaker says “10 minute delay”
We’re all going to be late
But this subway, and the ways that strangers say I’m here for you, stays.
Photo: by @2hasssans and photo of @fahmidafromcanada

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